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Problem Birds

Now that you have looked over all the ways to attract birds to your backyard to watch them, what happens when you end up with a problematic bird such as a woodpecker or a bird that eats all your fruit?

As male woodpeckers try to attract a mate, they make themselves known to the opposite sex by "drumming". This drumming is usually done on a hollowed out tree trunk. But, many people remove dead trunks from their yard because of the unsightliness they bring with them. Now the male woodpecker has moved to your house to drum. The drumming generally does no physical damage to your house but is extremely aggravating. To attempt to get the woodpecker away from the spot, try and scare them with baloons, flash tape, strings of shiny can lids, or wind chimes.

You could also try to get them to leave the drumming spot by providing them an alternate drumming spot of your choosing. To make a drum fasten two overlapping boards, the back board firmly secured and the front (covered with metal sheeting) nailed to it at only one end (Backyard Birding Problems)

To keep birds away from your garden and fruit trees, set up barriers to keep them from getting to the crops. Put up netting to keep unwanted birds from eating your grapes, apples, and raspberries.

Birds that nest in your gutters, above your front door, in your hanging baskets, or in any other spot where they are not welcome may be distracted to nest there by providing them a manufactured home instead. The best time to discourage the birds is before they begin to nest.

If you have a problem with Hawks and Owls, try to prevent them from coming around. Don't fill your bird feeder for a couple days and raptors will get discoured and look for food elsewhere. If you have small livestock, keep them in a pen.

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