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Bird Problems

Problem birds can be a pain. Sometimes, its not the bird that is the problem, but its surroundings. Problems for birds can be hazardous and deadly to unsuspecting birds.

The reflection of the sky in a large window may be deadly for a bird. They are unable to distinguish between the "real" sky and a reflection of the sky. To help keep birds from flying into windows, try to reduce the reflection on the outside of the window with flash tape, bird netting, or a window screen.

At some point, we will all come into contact with an orphaned bird. Sometimes, we will want to interfere and take the unfortunate bird under our "wing". However, it is best to let nature do what it does best and leave the bird alone. If the bird is already fully feathered, it probably doesn't need your help anyway. If it is unfeathered, try and return it to its nest, if possible. If that's not an option, place the bird in a shoe box and cover it. Find the closest Wildlife rehabilitation center and bring the bird to them. They will know what to do with the bird.

If a bird hits your window, wrap it in a towel, place it in a shoe box and put the bird in a warm, quiet place. Call your veterinarian or a wildlife rehabilitator and bring the bird as quickly as possible.

Sometimes, birds may become trapped inside a bird feeder that is nearly empty or poorly designed and die in a panic. To avoid this, take down the feeder if you are going on vacation.

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